The desire of any man is strong potency and endurance in a period of intimacy for the sake of satisfaction and for delivering pleasure to the partner.

how to raise potency in men

But the factors that surround the modern man, lead to the opposite effects. Therefore, it is important to know how fast to raise the potency and enhance sexual life.

First you need to understand what affects the strength of a man in bed:

  • addiction
  • diseases, including chronic
  • adverse environmental condition of the nature
  • products of improper quality
  • intoxication due to contact with household chemicals and similar products
  • the lack of sport and physical activity
  • malnutrition
  • lack of relaxation and lack of sleep
  • stress, lack of exercise.

Excluding these factors, the man will eventually recover, of course, not for one day, it will take time. But what to do when no time to wait and the potency you need to restore at some point, for example, before sex? To solve this problem, there is an exit in the form of medicine, folk methods and loads.


Drugs that increase the potency, are in unprecedented demand. This can be explained by the fact that they act quickly, do not require effort to tone the sexual organ, time of influence sufficient to conduct a full act.

drugs for male potency

In addition, not only answer the question of how to raise male potency, but not have mostly negative effects on the body, so they can be taken without fear of side effects.

Among these advantages there are also disadvantages, for example, psychological addiction. It occurs in some cases: when sex without funds seems the man is not as bright as them, either, realizing that the potency is raised only with the pills, the representatives of the weaker sex can suffer from understanding his impotence.

Whatever it was, and the medication should be taken along with exercise, proper and balanced nutrition.

Popular remain such drugs:

  • Pills Viagra. The medicine should be taken with caution, as it stimulates blood vessels, and frequent use can lead to more problems with potency. Are ideal small doses and infrequent use.
  • Levitra is also a good product that solves the problem of how to raise the potency 15-30 minutes before intercourse. Good drug that is rapidly eliminated from the body, has no side effects, but there is a condition: to increase the duration of sexual intercourse need to take it consistently for 30 days.
  • Cialis does not have the contraindications. When properly selected dosage, it causes no side effects. The action starts a little later than the previous drug, and the increase in effect can be seen after 1.5-2 hours.

Pharmacies offer a huge variety of drugs to enhance the ability of the man, but before they purchase, it is important to consult with your doctor.

Traditional methods

traditional methods

Popular and folk ways that help increase the possibilities for men. About how fast to raise the potency of men, written many books on traditional medicine. Known decoctions, infusion, tinctures, which help to improve men's issue. But every decision has to be made together with a specialist, because reduced potency may be a sign of serious problems, such as prostatitis. You also cannot overlook the fact that medicinal herbs and fees can cause allergic reactions.

The improvement in potency through the use of folk remedies is due to their ability to expand blood vessels, normalize blood circulation, positively affect the smooth muscles. It is most often the cause of reduction potentials is the stagnation of blood or infection in the prostate accompanied by inflammation. Herbs allow all these negative factors to overcome.

  1. Demand nettle, which enhances libido, has no negative impact on health. It is sufficient to prepare a tincture from 100 g of crushed plants pour boiling water (300 ml) and infuse. To drink a liquid you need three times before eating. Contained in nettle components stimulate the metabolic processes, improve urinary function. Not less effective is the mixture of honey, wine, seed, nettle in equal amounts. Taken before eating three times.
  2. Ginseng has a positive effect on potency, speaking a powerful stimulant. Home method of cooking means involves the use of crushed root (1 tbsp) and honey (3 tbsp). Eat the mixture should be 4 tsp.
  3. You can also enter in the diet of thyme. This plant is most useful for the male half of humanity due to a large content of zinc. As is known, this element affect the normal production of male hormones, but it will take some time. Inflorescence of plants in the amount of 100 g pour 200 ml of boiling water, and the resulting mixture is consumed after straining a day.

Physical activity

Long-term practice shows that there is a special equipment to quickly restore potency at home and stabilize your sex life. Even doctors recommend to give preference to simple loads, which will increase the blood flow to the penis, increasing its endurance.

To this method include the following exercises:

  • deep squats with a return to the starting position
  • steps with alternate raising knees up to your chest at a right angle
  • relaxation and tension of the buttocks by partial squats with spaced shoulder width feet
  • raising the pelvis from the prone position
  • exercise bike, lying on back
  • exercise your vaginal muscles: knees slightly apart, slightly bent, is made by tension and relaxation of muscle tissues of the perineum and coccyx, the buttocks remain in a relaxed position, with the right exercise in an intimate place, felt the warmth, no discomfort
  • running on the spot without taking socks from the floor
  • stand on his toes with a straight back.

These simple load you can give your body first for 5 minutes a day, after to increase the time banned to drastically start exercise from 30 minutes a day. During the week you can see great result.


It happens that time to improve in bed no, then you need to know how fast to raise the potency before the act. Such methods also exist. And really trusted people that are experiencing this issue discomfort.

How to raise the potency before intercourse

First of all we should say about the medications you can find at any pharmacy. It is known Viagra, Impaza, Levitra and other.

bath to increase potency

Besides these, there are methods that do not require material costs, and act almost instantly, causing an increase in erection:

  • Bath. Steam bath helps in blood circulation and, therefore, cope with the question how to raise male potency before the act. It is worth noting that regular trip to the sauna will help to maintain masculine power and potency to do with pride.
  • Contrast baths. To change the temperature of water is needed after every 1 minute. For this capacity it is necessary to dial the hot and cold water and alternately dipping them in the penis.
  • Ice lotion. Ice wrapped in gauze, is applied first to the head, after to the heart, then to the scrotum.
  • A hot beverage. Before sex you need to prepare a tea with honey and ginger or any other and drink hot. It is not recommended to drink coffee.
  • Squats. Just before sex while the partner takes a shower, you can 15 times sit to improve the blood circulation of sexual organ.

How to control ejaculation

To give pleasure to the partner and get it yourself, man you need to try. It is important not only to focus on deciding how quickly to raise the potency before sexual intercourse, but also try to keep from quick the end.

  • the penis must enter the vagina slowly and gently, removing it should be fast and sharp
  • correct know about the method 3 shallow and 1 penetrating push, this will help to make 81 push at one time
  • under strong excitation it is important to stop the tremors out of the vagina and to calm down, then continue to act
  • helps method 5, then 9 shallow thrust and deep penetration 1
  • the introduction of the penis deeply with making short pushes will help to avoid severe irritation of the glans and prolong the sex time.

Treatment of premature ejaculation

When methods how quickly to raise the potency before the act work, but to keep rapid ejaculation, even adhering to the basic rules, not go out, then you should seek help at the clinic.

There are the following methods of treatment of manifestations:

  • Medicines.
  • Laser therapy.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Massage and stimulation.
  • Surgery: circumcision of the foreskin on the penis, microsurgical denervation (impact on the nerve endings of the glans penis), injection, implantation (introduction to the head of the penis with hyaluronic acid).

Methods of increasing erection

Methods to increase erectile function can be attributed to the following factors:

  • natural (food, exercise)
  • the right mindset before you act
  • a healthy lifestyle without bad habits
  • therapeutic and preventive gymnastics
  • folk remedies
  • medications according to doctor's recommendation.

Nocturnal emissions

polyutsii night

Wet dreams at night - is the process of control when a man does not feel his ejaculation. The fact that reproductive system produces sperm continuously. And, of course, they need somewhere to go, if the accumulated sperm more action. The nature of thought, such phenomena as pollution.

If this manifestation does not occur every night, with the release of a large volume of semen, the reasons for the unrest there. Looking for regular sex, then all stabiliziruemost.

Also reduce or get rid of them completely you can use:

  • regular physical activity
  • the cold water dousing
  • the correct mode of the day
  • observance of personal hygiene
  • sleep on a firm bed
  • falling asleep in your tired state
  • Masturbation in the absence of sex.

In addition to these methods, you can use medications. In any case, it is important to consult a doctor who can rule out a more serious disease.