Food Casanovas: 10 products male power

What products are aphrodisiacs, we've learned. But what about food that not only causes the desire, but also serves a prevention of the extinction of the male power?

Based on this idea, the scientist of the Center of health in Britain has conducted research on foods that increase the potency. Dr. Malcolm Carruthers knows that testosterone is the male strength and confidence. He also know that after thirty, most guys start problems with potency. You can do relaxation techniques and sports. But there's another panacea-a Savior for the sex life. This is the right food. Men's online magazine MPORT calls all food products, which, according to a British researcher, will help you to feel more confident in bed.



Eat red grapes. This berry improves motility of sperm. Malcolm found that in the skin of red grapes contains resveratrol, the substance responsible for the reproductive activity of the protein. In support of the scientist researchers from China found that 10 grams of the skins of this grape have a positive effect on the ability of certain organs to produce sperm.


Your masculine energy is the most beneficial tuna fish. Contained therein vitamin D increases the level of testosterone in the blood 90%. After a meal in bed you'll be unbeatable. Moreover, scientists at the University of health in Austria came to the conclusion that the tuna also has a positive effect on the molecules of DNA in the sperm. You only have to figure out how to remove the smell of fish from his mouth before meeting with a friend.


Our modern diet is not the most useful. The cholesterol that you often use, clog blood vessels. This applies to a vessel of the body used during sex. Try to change the diet food, which will more vegetable fats. For example, avocado. This exotic contains not only vitamins, but healthy fats, which will heal the blood vessels of the entire body. Including the genitals.


International center for the study of impotence conducted experiments. As a result, scientists concluded that pomegranate improves the potency. 47% of men who drank pomegranate juice significantly improved virility. This drink you can buy in any supermarket.


Vegetarianism is a diet, which lose weight fast. But sitting on fruits and vegetables, I won't get far. This is especially true of bed. Male for sperm production of the desired protein. Not news that meat is one of the richest sources of protein. About any fruit there is and can be no question. But with meat, too, need to know the measure. Often it is too oily and contains a lot of other elements that can harm your male health. Researchers at the University of Utah said: the most rational amount of proteins and nutrients in venison.



Garlic contains the cortisol. This element is responsible for maintaining the body's energy resources. As you think through what kind of energy the sperm actively and purposefully moves to the uterus? That's right: it is the cortisol one of the important sources of protein motility childbearing. Eat raw garlic.


Honey contains nitric oxide and boron. Such chemicals increase the blood flow by 50%. Eat a teaspoon of honey once a day and you will not be disturbed erection problems.


The University of Pittsburgh recommends that you drink 200 ml of milk every day. The milk protein is the source of testosterone, and not only amino acids necessary for muscle growth. Milk also removes the female hormone estrogen with age is accumulated in your body.


Kim Pearson, a professional nutritionist, University of Connecticut advises eating three eggs a day. This rule, which will not harm cholesterol your heart. But it is the egg white first construction the material from which the body produces sperm.


Kale is the Queen of all vegetables. Ladies often eat cabbage, if worried about breast size. You also can not neglect this popular product. In addition to vitamin a and minerals, cabbage, and milk, helps remove estrogen from the body and increases the activity of testosterone. Even the guys from the University named Rockefeller to eat 500 grams of cabbage every day.