What foods increase the potency of men

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Many men faced with erectile dysfunction, and direct dependence on age is not always. Problems with potency can occur in young men due to stress, poor environment and other reasons. Help to solve a delicate problem — the main thing is to use food to increase potency – sometimes it is enough to correct your diet to forget about erectile dysfunction.

What foods increase the potency of men instantly (list)

If the problem should be solved quickly, the majority of men starts to take pills. But there is a list of foods increase the potency of men, giving instant results through they contain vitamins and minerals. The list improves the quality of sexual life men products comprises:

  • dates, almonds, chocolate;
  • any vegetables (the first place on efficiency is boiled turnips);
  • nuts (all varieties);
  • meat (lean);
  • camel's stomach;
  • fish (thermally processed mackerel, plaice);
  • seafood (oysters, octopus);
  • onion (recommended fresh);
  • ginger (can be consumed with honey in the form of tincture or pickled root).

It is important to make a balanced menu, otherwise you can worsen the situation and achieve the opposite result.

Food (what to eat to increase potency)

To achieve tangible and lasting effect and permanently get rid of problems with potency, it is better to review your diet and make food that will not only improve potency, but will also have on the body bracing effect. Then we can maintain your libido for years to come:

Food Effects on the body Note
Chicken eggs / quail eggs — increased stress resistance.
— promotes balanced development of male hormones
Contain vitamins B6 and B5.

Men are prone to allergic reactions, it is recommended to use quail eggs.

Garlic Normalizes blood circulation (including pelvic organs), providing a good erection. Active ingredient – allicin.
Potatoes Increases the duration of sexual intercourse by reducing the sensitivity of the skin. It is recommended to bake the unpeeled tubers ("in uniform"). To eat raw, immature or sprouting potatoes can not.
Seafood Increased potency and sexual desire.
Liver — improves sexual desire in men;
— strengthens the immune system.
The right amount of nutrients can be received if to include it in the menu is not less than 1 time a week.
Cereal — increase male libido;
— give courage and promote health.
Contain Androsterone.
Banana — increases libido;
— helps to eliminate male sexual impotence;
— increases stamina and endurance.
Contains bromelain., potassium, vitamins. Very high-calorie product.
Dark chocolate — strengthens the immune system;
— increases the potency.
Consumed in small quantities daily.
Perha — recovery of potency;
— the treatment of prostatitis.
Can be used for prevention.

To improve sperm quality, increase sperm motility and raise their number, it is recommended to regularly eat foods with a high content of vitamin C, walnuts, parsley, celery and beets, fruits and berries.

It is also useful to dairy products popular increase the potency milkshake recipe with cloves.

5 best products for potency

In order to improve male potency, will be required to withdraw from a widely publicized fast food and store semi-finished products of dubious quality, making the choice in favor of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Among the products that increase the potency, it can be noted the top five.

the stomach of the camel

The stomach of the camel (secuina)

When used correctly this product is enhanced erection, improved sperm quality. Acts similar to medical drugs ("Viagra", "Levitra"), adverse effects are not observed. You can prepare an infusion (100 grams of product, 0.5 liters of vodka, insist two weeks in a dark place). If you want immediate effect, you have half an hour before sexual intercourse to eat a piece of rennet (enough 3 – 4 grams).


Prevent premature ejaculation, is able to enhance the potency. In addition to amino acids and dopamine contain zinc (organic). It is recommended to eat raw by adding lemon juice. It is impossible to use men suffering from diabetes, gastritis (low acidity), weakened immune response.


Contains large amounts of vitamins, useful minerals (zinc), amino acids. Protein is easy to digest. It is recommended to drink boiled or stewed. If a man is suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or the cardiovascular system, it is better to eat salted dried fish.

Boiled mackerel

Increases sexual desire, as it contains iodine, due to the natural protein improves sperm quality.


Can raise testosterone and improve the General condition of the sexual sphere. Can be used as addition to meat dishes, to cook with honey and carrots either have it as a standalone product. If the man is sick with hepatitis, cholecystitis, he has pathology of the Central nervous system or bowel disease in an acute form, a product should be abandoned or very carefully.

According to Dr. A. L. Myasnikov, in order to improve potency in the first place you want to find out the cause of erectile dysfunction. If the problem is a lack of vitamins and minerals, adjustment of the diet and transition to a healthy lifestyle will help to return "male power". If the source of dysfunction lies in any disease, will require combined therapy to eliminate the disease.

Food that harm the potency

harm potency

There are some food products, the use of which may lead to decline in male sexual potential:

  1. alcohol;
  2. flour;
  3. sweet drinks;
  4. fast food;
  5. smoked, fatty, fried, spicy, salty, and dried food in large quantities.

Proper diet, regular consumption of products that contribute to maintaining men's health, as well as the rejection of bad habits, will allow any husband-rank lead an active and fulfilling sex life even in advanced age.