Ways to increase penis size

All men without exception are concerned about the size of their penis. And if it is insufficient, there is a lot of complexes and raises the question of how to increase penis size. However, it is not always necessary to consider the problem under this angle. Usually men underestimate themselves and believe small penis whose length is well within "standards". Normal penis size is between 13 to 16 see Men with the "warrior" should not care about increasing member. Well, those whose size is less, you can increase the penis in several ways.

Surgery to increase penis

how to increase the member

This is the most expensive way how to increase penis size. Surgical treatment is carried out at the clinic, but does not require long hospitalization. The gist of it is that is extracted and pushed forward the base of the penis that is hidden behind the pubic tissue. This operation allows you to increase your penis size up to 3-4 cm, But after surgery there is a shift of the penis – it is located slightly lower than before surgery and when you get an erection – more horizontal.

The disadvantages of this method of penis enlargement is not only high cost, but also the need for some time after wearing the extender that holds the base of the penis and not allow him to return to the starting position.

Exercises for penis enlargement

Exercises to increase penis size a man can carry out yourself at home. So this is one of the most convenient and efficient ways. They consist in stretching the penis in erect state. To do this with your fingers in a tight ring squeezed the base member and made of a fast-paced forward motion. To exercise was effective and safe, you must observe a few rules:

  • member and hands should be clean;
  • use special lubricants and creams;
  • preliminary preparation in the form of massage;
  • regular execution.

In the process of "selections" needs to change direction, pulling the penis up, down and sideways.

Vacuum pump

You can increase the member using a vacuum pump or pumps. This method is used for those men who are unable to achieve lengthening of the penis by exercises due to lack of excitement. It consists in the fact that the member is placed in a vacuum, which creates conditions for additional blood flow to the tissues of the body. It is quite medical method and it is called hyperemia.


Increase penis size with the help of a special device called extender. There are several types of this device:

  • waist;
  • vacuum.

But the principle of their operation is about the same. The extender consists of 2 parts, one of which is worn on the base of the penis and the other near the head. Fasteners are inserted between the rods, the distance between which can be adjusted and increase. Due to the tension and the stimulation of tissue growth and male organ grows.

The extender must be worn for several hours a day, but it does not cause severe discomfort. But the result will please many men – 3-4 cm for a few weeks.

Medicines and ointments

If for any indicators of the previous methods to increase the member is not suitable, you can resort to the most simple – the medication. But even here there are "pros" and "cons". Creams and gels that promise penile enlargement, have only a temporary effect and operate on the principle of a rush of blood to the tissues. This method may be appropriate before the start of sexual intercourse, but 2 hours later the effect of the ointment will be held and penis comes into its normal rate.

penis enlargement.

Some men are taking hormonal drugs that with long-term regular use help to become the sexy owner of a large penis. But the use of hormones may be dangerous to health.

All these methods differ to the extent effective and help a man feel special, sexy and self-sufficient. Therefore, if there are problems with the size of the penis, you can try to solve them, with a little effort and diligence.